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By Jim Bramham

In the early 1990’s long before Facebook, blogsites, texts, and extensive email use, there was a real need for cross communication among the associations that represented off-highway vehicle interests across the United States. This effort was particularly important to the East Coast 4WD Association who represented a significant area east of the Mississippi River. Several of Cal4 Wheel’s presidents made trips to the east as part of the DC lobbying effort and to promote association contacts. Jerry Schwartz was then president of the East Coast 4WD Association and Gary Marr served as its representative to United 4WD and later to NAMRC (North America Motorized Recreation Council).

NAMRC was formed when Don and Carol Jensen from Pacific NW 4WD Association (PNW), Jerry Schwartz, and Cal4’s Past President Jim Bramham came together with representatives from other likeminded organizations. NAMRC is in its 25th year, now meeting annually at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. It continues to bring leadership of various organizations together in a round table fashion to share concerns and progress in the battle to keep public lands open.

25 years later…

Recently Jim and Shirley Bramham ventured to Ohio for the wedding of Gary and Robin Marr’s daughter Sarah. They were happy to find Jerry Schwartz in attendance. Attached is a picture of two old war horses with a very happy father of the bride.

Jim Bramham, Gary Marr and Jerry Schwartz