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NAMRC is an alliance of organizations that facilitates communications, shares information, expertise and resources to enhance unity. NAMRC helps the organized motorized recreation community and other interested groups become more effective in their efforts to maintain, improve and expand opportunities and experiences in our many forms of recreation.

NAMRC welcomes all motorized groups, clubs, organizations and associations to our annual meetings. There are no dues or “memberships.” NAMRC does not detract from, but rather enhances, the mission of the entire motorized community. Like a Knights of the Round Table, NAMRC comes together, face-to-face, in the spirit of giving everyone a seat at the table and a voice in our recreational pursuits nationwide.

Every participating group usually donates a small amount to cover the costs of coffee, logistics, and mailings as needed. Travel costs and accommodations for meetings are borne by the participating groups.

Our primary meeting is the annual fall meeting in Las Vegas in conjunction with (and hosted by) SEMA. We hope to see you there.

Please email if you would like more information.

I am 100% sold on the effectiveness of NAMRC; I have been able to meet so many, many hard-working leaders in the public land access world and have learned so much from them. To have state-level NAMRCs is genius!
Elise McAlister, Partners in Conservation, in reference to establishing state level NAMRC groups